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Wilson at La Scala

by Vittoria Crespi Morbio.
Essay by Vittoria Crespi Morbio, Le metamorfosi del corpo.
Appendices: biographical notice; chronology of stage designs.
Collection «Performing Artists at La Scala».
Amici della Scala – Umberto Allemandi & C., Torino 2004.
Italian edition, pp.78.

Inspirer and master of perfect harmonies, magician of scenic abstraction cancelling the slightest trace of realism, Robert Wilson (Waco, Texas 1941) is one of the great names of contemporary theatre. His chilly pantomimes, played on very refined light effects and diaphanous coloured films, enchanted the audience of La Scala on the music of Richard Strauss (Salome, 1987) and Giacomo Manzoni (Doktor Faustus, 1989).