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Edel at La Scala

by Vittoria Crespi Morbio
Essay by Vittoria Crespi Morbio, Edel, pittore di costumi / Edel, Painter of Costumes.
Appendices: biographical notice; catalogue of the works.
Collection «Performing Artists at La Scala».
Amici della Scala – Umberto Allemandi & C., Turin 2002.
Italian edition, pp.73.

A very famous set and costume designer in the late 19th century, Alfredo Edel (Colorno, Parma 1856–Paris 1912) created performances legendary for their lavishness: the Excelsior ball by Marenco (choreography by Manzotti, Teatro alla Scala, 1881), Medgé by Samara (choreography by Grassi, Rome, Teatro Costanzi, 1889) and Rodope by Giorza (choreography by Grassi, Teatro alla Scala, 1892), with their fabulous Oriental atmosphere. In the last part of his life Edel tempered the characteristic vivacity of his line with a subtle, languid and ironic gracefulness: we have here the delightful models for Bacco e Gambrinus by Marenco (choreography by Pratesi, Teatro alla Scala, 1904) and those designed for the entertainments of the Casino de Paris (1905).