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Carlo Carrà at La Scala

by Vittoria Crespi Morbio.
Essay by Vittoria Crespi Morbio, The Number and the Heart.
Biography. Carrà at La Scala. La Lampara on stage.
Amici della Scala – Grafiche Step Editrice, Parma 2019.
Italian – English edition, pp. 134.

A foremost name in 20th‐century Italian art and prominent figure in the Futurist and then Metaphysical painting periods, Carlo Carrà (1881-1966) approached the musical theatre on two occasions: in the mid-1930s with La Bohème by Puccini, conceived for La Scala and then taken on tour in the Netherlands and to Sanremo, and in 1957, when the Milanese theatre presented the ballet La Lampara by the young Franco Donatoni. Consistent with his artistic temperament and its intent severity, the painter transferred onto the stage a typical scene of his famous seascapes. Structural values and balanced tones preside over the stage, a tribute to the sense of form Carrà admired in the painting of Piero della Francesca and Paolo Uccello.